With “Sculpture Network Lab” sculpture network is initiating a new series of international events to address current issues in a relaxed and open atmosphere in a dialog with representatives from three-dimensional art, from other subject areas such as economics, politics, philosophy and from the general public. Events will be held at special locations in various European cities. Sculpture Network Lab aims to make ideas visible and clearly define interests. Here it is a matter of being able to think outside the box, being interested in breaking through boundaries and utilizing new perspectives as inspiration for your own work.

Since 2018 this series of events has the title “Form follows attitude”. In the foreground of this discussion is the attitude behind the form and the creative process. The conference will crystallize ideas and pose questions to, among others, architects, artists, entrepreneurs, sociologists and philosophers.

Past events:

ZURICH, 13th November 2019

MUNICH, 12th March 2019

MUNICH, 22nd October 2018

AMSTERDAM, 19th June 2018